Kosovo: KTA officially announces the 28’th privatization wave

Prishtinë, 17 July 2007 – The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) has announced the 28th wave of privatization. Right after the Board meeting, held on July 5, the KTA had informed the SOE management and the respective municipalities about the privatization of the enterprises included in this wave.

In the list of privatization tenders are included 10 SOEs out of which 14 new enterprises were created. All of the SOEs will be privatized by regular spin-off. The deadline for prequalification is September 12, 2007 whereas the deadline for the offer submission is September 19, 2007.

KTA is a body created by the United Nations mission in Kosovo, which was set up in 2002 and began privatizing socially owned enterprises in 2003. The KTA has up to now privatized more than 200 SOEs, which brought a revenue of around 300m euro.