Kosovo: KTA Board launches 20th wave of privatisation

Prishtinë, Oct 22, 2006 – In addition to launching the 20th wave of privatisation (33 new enterprises will be established), the KTA Board yesterday also discussed privatisation of SOEs and also POEs management.

“The main issues discussed today related to approval of the launch of the 20th wave of privatisation, and incorporation and restructuring processes. In particular, we agreed on measures towards the Kosovarisation of KEK’s Board of Directors and the heating companies,” said Haki Shatri, Minister of Economy and Finance.

The KTA Board also discussed a new composition of the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) JSC Board of Directors, a step forward in the transition to local management within KEK. TVs and dailies reported that the Board members said that the KTA Board would be more rigorous towards KEK’s Board of Directors and warned them of strict measures if they fail in managing KEK.

Acting UNMIK Pillar IV Chief, Paul Acda, said that the future of Trepca is an issue for the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court. “The special Chamber of Supreme Court takes into account the current Regulation on Trepca management and a decision on its future is made according to this Regulation” said Acda.