Kosovo: increasing interest of foreign investors

Prishtina, 9 February 2007 – The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) announced yesterday the provisional winners of the 21st Wave of Privatisation. A total of 29 NewCo’s were available for purchase, all of them via “Regular Spin-off”

KTA officials said €13.5 million were collected during this wave, raising the Trust Fund to €290 million.

The enterprises sold at the highest prices are: 17 Nentori from Ferizaj (€ 3.3 million), Dardania from Prishtina (€ 2.9 million) and supermarket Vatra in Prishtina (€ 700,000). The provisional winners are obliged to pay 25% of the general amount within twenty days.

The process of privatization of big enterprises is getting closer to its end, said Ahmet Shala, KTA Deputy Managing Director. According to Shala, in this round there were more interested foreign investors than in any other round.

Shala said the process of privatization will continue, even if the name and the structure of KTA changes, because the privatization of Socially Owned Enterprises is inevitable.