Kosovo: Grand Hotel and IMN sales endangered

Prishtinë, May 18, 2006 – Because of irregularities in the pre-qualification, the sale of the “Grand Hotel Prishtina” and the Brick Factory “IMN” has been given for review to the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court, Koha Ditore reports.

Confusion with the sale of these two enterprises privatized through special spin-off made the Kosovo Trust Agency Board decide to take both cases to the court.

“The Board Members have begun to see irregularities in selecting the best in the race, and this seems that this sale will be delayed or even re-tendered,” a source told Koha Ditore.

A KTA Spokesman said that everything is going according to the procedure. “In case of Grand, we are waiting for a decision from the Supreme Court, since there was a complaint by the third bidder,” he said.

But the Supreme Court does not deal with all complaints, since there are a lot of such.

Meanwhile, the provisional winner for “Grand Hotel Prishtina” said that he has already obtained a contract from KTA. “It is normal to have complaints, but we have taken the contract and made the payment,” said Zylqif Berisha, owner of “Silkapor”.