Kosovo: four companies bid for mobile telephony licence

TVs and dailies report on the companies that have applied for the second mobile telephony tender. There are four bidders: the Austrian Mobilkom, Kosmocell, Team Kosova and IpkoNet in consortium with Telekom Slovenija. One bid of IWH International was qualified as invalid because the German company submitted the documents after the deadline.

The Bid Evaluation Committee includes representatives from Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), Kosovo Government and UNMIK. TRA officials said they are waiting for the two members of the international community. Dailies quote UNMIK Pillar IV Spokesperson, Mechthild Henneke, as saying that UNMIK would soon nominate its representatives to the committee. Dailies also highlight that the Spokesperson for TRA, Mirlinda Bivolaku, was not able to say whether the committee will start working in seven days, as foreseen by the Law on Telecommunication.

Petrit Derguti, a TRA official said: “The companies were welcome to approach TRA with their questions. There was an communication channel through the TRA website.”

They added that the tendering process was transparent and in full cooperation with the government and UNMIK.