Kosovo: ex-employees of Ferronikeli end their protest

Drenas, 18 April 2007 – The Council for Organizing Protests of former Ferronikeli employees has decided to bring an end to the protests held at the gates of the factory and from now on address their problems to the Kosovo Trust Agency.

General Director of Ferronikeli, Kostas Llamnatos has decided to meet four representatives of the former employees. Osman Mulaj from the Council for Organizing Protests requested the return of the former employees to their previous working places.

The representative of Ferronikeli presented the purchase contract of the factory and reminded the representatives of the terms of the contract, according to which, Ferronikeli must employ 1000 workers within a year. However, the employment of the former workers of Ferronikeli is not obligatory. Nonetheless, Llamnatos said that out of the 470 workers already employed, over 400 are from Drenas municipality and a majority of them are former workers of Ferronikeli.

Head of the Ferronikeli Labour Union Ferki Karaxha said that he has always been against the sale of the company and is convinced that the sale is a great crime against the national economy, reported Koha Ditore.