Kosovo: Energy licensed

Prishtinë, June 01, 2006 – Energy Regulator Office (ERO) officials told KosovaLive that June 24th is the deadline for electricity suppliers, including KEK to apply for license.

Merita Kostari, member of the Board and head of ERO Legal Issues and Licensing Department said that the licensing rules for energy activities were approved by the ERO Board by end February. “Companies may apply even earlier, and the license may be obtained earlier. Hence, the date of provision of license depends on applications,” said Kostari.

ERO Legal Department officials say that according to the Law on Energy Regulator, the conditions to be met by energy suppliers are provided, divided into general and special conditions. Some of the criteria are that the supplier must have technical and financial skills, material and human resources and organizational structures in accordance with regulatory requirements, and to have ownership rights or the legal rights to use energy facilities for activities.

According to ERO, energy suppliers must also operate in accordance with the Energy Strategy, approved by the Kosovo Government. Kostari said that KEK meets majority of conditions, and as for the rest of conditions, KEK will be given time to met them.