Kosovo: Brezovica’s privatization takes time

Prishtinë, June 29, 2006 – Kosovar daily Lajm reports that the Brezovica Ski Resort will not be included in the 17th wave of privatization, as KTA has not yet determined the tender rules for privatization of this ski resort.

In the last meeting of the KTA Board, Joachim Ruecker and his Deputy, Bujar Dugolli, said that two Brezovica enterprises would be included in the 17th round of privatization, together with 23 other enterprises.

But on Friday, KTA officials said they are making efforts to prepare all necessary material and that negotiations are taking place. “KTA will not act before ensuring all necessary steps for a successful privatization,” said Zana Haxha from the KTA press office.

Meanwhile, sources inside KTA say that Brezovica will only be privatized in the 18th round, which is expected to be launched at the end of July. “As a matter of policies, KTA will not comment on the details before the tender is announced,” said Haxha, when asked if the complex shall have a regular or a special spin-off.

Earlier Ruecker had stated that Brezovica needs €20 million investment.