Kosovo: Austrian company invests in the IT sector

Vienna, 4 December 2007 – The Economic Initiative for Kosova (ECIKS), representing the Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo in German-speaking countries, continues to facilitate and assist investments in Kosovo.

An outsourcing project identified by ECIKS in 2005 is now becoming reality. The Austrian company “Wertheim” is outsourcing part of its software development to Kosovo. The 300.000 EUR worth investment foresees the development of a sophisticated software package for managing safe deposit boxes produced by Wertheim. The project is also supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), who will take over a part of the investment.

The Kosovar company “Rrota”, who will develop the software for Wertheim in the next 2 years, says that the software will also enable customers to access their safe deposit boxes through biometrical data.

Over 400 branches of banks in Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovakia use Wertheim safe deposit boxes, while the software will from now on be developed by “Rrota” in Kosovo. The project creates 6 new jobs in Kosovo.

ECIKS, the organization that manages the Investment Promotion Office of Kosovo in Vienna, has 2 other similar projects in the pipeline and is continuously looking for foreign potential investors and offering them free of charge services for a large number of other projects.