Kosovo: agreement on energy market signed

Prishtina, 21 March 2007 – A framework agreement was signed yesterday between KOSTT (the independent operator of the transmission and energy market in Kosovo) and licensed energy companies on the rules of the market. It was seen as an important step in fulfilling objectives for the creation of an open, competitive energy market.

“This is a small but reliable step towards a competitive energy market and connection to the regional market. However, there is still much to be done,” stated Head of KOSTT, Fadil Ismajli.

“This opens the road to Kosovo’s integration into the European community of electrical energy,” stated Ali Hamiti from Energy Regulatory Office. For officials of UNMIK’s EU Pillar and the Ministry of Energy and Mining, this is a very important step towards developing the energy market in Kosovo.

“This process opens the road to the liberalization of the market. The EU Pillar supports all efforts for developing the energy system in Kosovo,” stated Head of the EU Pillar, Paul Acda. “All market participants will benefit from the framework agreement and necessary conditions for achieving a proper non-discriminatory market will be created,” stated Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines Agron Dida.

The framework agreement on the rules of the market will come into power as of 1st April.