Kosovo: 30 SOEs privatized in 18th wave

Prishtinë, Oct 6, 2006 – The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) concluded the 18th wave of privatization, in which 30 Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs) were tendered. Only 21 of the tendered enterprises were sold, as for some of them there were no offers. In this wave KTA has tendered warehouses, veterinary stations, stores and supermarkets.

According to KTA Managing Director Jasper Dick, visits to several privatized SOEs have already started in order see up-close how things are developing in regards to investment and revitalization.

“I am very happy to say that the KTA has gathered over € 250 million from privatization and deposited it at the Central Banking Authority of Kosovo (CBAK).

“So far, we have distributed 20% to employees of 26 SOEs. Back in September, we have paid €1 million to the employees,” said KTA Managing Director Jasper Dick, adding that a group of experts will soon review the possibility of mending the regulation that deals with the 20% share.

Following a decision of SRSG Joachim Ruecker, the Morava e Binces premises located in Gjilan was excluded from privatization.

The new company IFS Progres from Prizren was sold for the highest price in this round of privatization, for €4.45 million. The company Farm in Bajgora – KB 23 November, was sold for €32,400.

Although 10 enterprises in Peja were tendered for privatization, only three of them have attracted bidders. With this round, the Trust Fund is richer for 13.401.000 Euros.