Kosovo: 30 mn tons of ashes to be removed

Prishtina, 6 March 2007 – The World Bank has allocated some €5.5 million for a project to remove the ashes from Power Plants “Kosova A” and “Kosova B” to the Mirash Mine. After the removal of the ashes, the land will be turned into arable land.

“The project will be divided into three parts. The first part deals with disposing the ashes, the second part with removing the existing ashes and the third part deals with working the land,” stated Deputy Minister of Environment and Special Planning, Ardian Gjini.

“As it is just about to start, KEK is not yet very well acquainted with the project. I will be assisting in this matter for a period of two years, following which I believe KEK will be able to take over,” stated Project Managing Director Michael Faib.