EU announces EUR 28 billion economic and investment plan for the W. Balkans


The European Commission has announced a EUR 28 billion economic and investment plan for the Western Balkan countries in the form of loans, grants and guarantees for sustainable transport, clean energy, digital and green future, skills, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) support.  

According to Oliver Varhelyi, European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, “the plan offers a path for a successful regional economic integration to help accelerate convergence with the EU and close the development gap between our regions, ultimately speeding up the process of EU integration. This plan should help to transform the Western Balkans into one of the most attractive regions for investments in the world”. 

The plan also foresees mobilizing up to 9 million euro of IPA III funding by 2027 to support economic convergence with the EU primarily through investments and support to competitiveness and inclusive growth, sustainable connectivity, and the twin green and digital transition.  

To support the plan goals and ensure sustainability of the investment in the region, the European Commission will propose a dedicated agenda on innovation, research, education, culture, youth, and sport. 


Photo by Unsplash