Diaspora, third most important factor in Kosovo’s economic development

Despite the fact that the global crisis has gripped a large number of EU states, where a significant number of Kosovar immigrants live, the Diaspora continues to be one of the biggest contributors not only in households but in the budget of the Republic of Kosovo. However, the majority of these revenues are used for consumption and not in investments. This was stated in the report “Research and Analysis to attract investments from the Diaspora”, which was presented by the “Riinvest” Institute and was carried out on the initiative and the proposal of the Ministry of Diaspora.

Also discussed during this meeting were the achievements of the Government in facilitating investment by the Diaspora and the legislative gaps and barriers that are impeding not only foreign investors but also the Kosovar Diaspora from investing in Kosovo .

The Diaspora Minister said that Kosovo institutions should do more to create the most favorable conditions, so that the legislation in Kosovo is in accordance with the country’s development needs and as such stimulate and attract investment by the Diaspora.

The director of the “Riinvest” Institute stated that the Diaspora is the third most important factor of economic development in the country, after the private sector and government spending, but added that these investments are oriented inappropriately.

Diaspora sends remittances through several channels such as commercial banks, funds transfer agencies and non-institutional channels.

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