Crisis Management Unit – An Appropriate Response Not Just to Overcoming the COVID-19 Crisis

The business environment is not always predictable and calm. Although in some cases it may seem insignificant, the establishment of the Crisis Management Unit (CMU) is essential in times of economic and social globalization. Consequently, every organization should have a ready-made team that would establish the crisis management unit.

    • The establishment of the CMU is more than necessary for the following reasons:
    • Every crisis requires immediate attention and action

Crisis are different from common emergencies; therefore, they require immediate and innovative approaches, which are usually not part of standard enterprise strategies.

The CMU must build its own reactions to the following actions:

    • Identify an accurate picture of the situation through multiple sources
    • Assess the situation of how the crisis could evolve, and what implications it could bring to the enterprise
    • Design a series of immediate and strategic actions
    • Quick decision-making on strategic actions, considering all alternatives
    • Ensure that these actions are in conformity to the values of the enterprise and society
    • Ensure disciplined and efficient implementation of activities, allowing flexibility and rapid adaptation to new circumstances.

According to crisis management experts and especially those fighting COVID-19, the focus of the CMU should be on the following issues:

    • Protection of employees
    • Stabilization of supply channels
    • Consumer involvement
    • Testing financial scenarios
    • CMU operation.

Given the dimensions of the action, the CMU team should contain key staff from all departments of the enterprise.