'Airport Prishtina' gains judicial independence from Serbia

Prishtina, 7 April 2004 – Citing reliable international sources “Koha Ditore” reports that from May 2004 on, Prishtina Airport, which was identified as an airport of Serbia and Montenegro, will be a Kosovar airport fully connected to Iceland and without connections to Serbia. ‘Icelandic authorities are responsible for air traffic control over Kosova and they are partners of the International Civil Aviation Organization. “They have decided to put BKPR as the identification code for Prishtina Airport,” the same source was quoted as saying. The code used so far was LYPR, which identified Kosovo with former Yugoslavia, said the source. ‘The first letter L identifies the countries of the region, the Balkans and Italy, since Europe is divided in four air traffic zones. The second letter Y stood for Yugoslavia. In May, L will change to B, which will stand for northwest Europe. The B is used since the certification of the Airport will be done by Iceland. The Y will change to K, which stands for Kosovo,’ a senior international administration source is told the paper.

A member of the working group said that the relocation will take place from 12 April. In the meantime, the group is working in the field registering the population and their property.