800 Kosovo firms eye McDonald’s franchise

Prishtina, KOSOVO – 800 local companies are running in the bid to see fast food giant, McDonald’s first restaurant opened in Kosovo. Food franchise is one of the fastest growing business opportunities.

“The opening of a McDonald’s in Kosovo would improve the image of the country a lot,” the director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, Mimoza Kusari said.

“It generally opens way for other American companies to invest and develop economic ties with the country where McDonald’s is open,” she explained.

Kusari told Pristina daily Express that 800 local companies were bidding to win the franchise to open McDonald’s restaurants in Kosovo but the firms will not be named as per internal policy.

Kosovo along with Albania are the only two countries in the region where McDonald’s does not operate.

The cost of opening the McDonald’s will be the sole responsibility of the company that secures the franchise and will depend on the security and business climate in Kosovo.

Kusari concluded that “the eventual effect of its opening would be attracting other foreign businesses to invest in Kosovo, too.”