White Paper On Economic Measures In Kosovo Against Covid-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the world, its implications for the world economy could be vast. Given the recent events, Kosovo has become the newest counrty in Europe to have been exposed to the virus. As the government of Kosovo has taken immediate steps to alleviate the viruses’ further consequences, such measures can have serious repercussions for the economy, in particular for the private sector which already is subject to major challenges.

ECIKS, as one of the leading companies that supports private sector development, has published a position paper on the necessary and immediate Economic Measures to be undertaken in Kosovo against the consequences of COVID-19. The paper highlights the challenges presented by coronavirus to the Kosovo economy, in particular to the private sector, as well recommends some necessary measures to be undertaken by the Government of Kosovo and all the economic and political institutions of the country.

Please find the position paper here.