• Export Promotion

    We help public institutions in promoting exports as an engine of economic growth. Our services consist of branding, finding new markets, market linkages and ensuring product compatibility with foreign standards.

  • Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

    We help public institutions attract Foreign Direct Investment through increased and targeted promotion and improvement of the business environment. 

  • Institutional Capacity Building

    We support public institutions in developing internal capacities to better serve their citizens, constituents, and beneficiaries through improved administrative procedures which aim at greater effectiveness, efficiency and reduced waiting time. We also help institutions to build a staff capable of carrying out its tasks in a more professional and effective manner.

  • Sector Strategies

    We support public institutions in developing targeted sectorial policies to improve productivity, bring new products and services to the fore and increase the country's comparative advantage.

  • Economic Development

    We support public institutions in drafting effective and practical policies and strategies to encourage economic development through enabling business creation, job creation, capital enhancement and increased competition.

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