• Management Consulting

    Business Strategy Development

    We support our clients to define vision and corporate strategy based on company priorities, resources and capabilities; we help identifying risks and opportunities in terms of sustainability and assessing them against the organization’s values, goals and strategy.

    Strategy Implementation

    We support our clients actively in pursuing their strategic goals, assist with implementation, and develop required tools.

    Market analysis and market development

    We support our clients to develop their business plans and strategies based on fact based market analysis.

    Competition analysis

    Our team is experienced in conducting assessments of strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors of our clients. The analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats. By profiling their competitors, we offer our clients a competitive advantage in the targeted market.

    Partner Identification

    We assist our clients in the identification, evaluation and selection of optimal business partners in the targeted markets, by utilizing our unique local knowledge, extensive international network and a regularly updated client database.

    Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

    We assist leading international and local companies in assessing the possibilities in an initial business idea by completing a feasibility study. In a next step, we develop the Business Plan that fully describes the business and its financial projection.

  • Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

    Greenfield Investment

    Companies facing increased competition and slower market growth in their home countries are more and more looking to enter foreign markets through Greenfield investments. By doing so, companies are accessing capabilities and skills and they are developing their markets and improving their competitive edge. Our target countries Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia, offer vast investment opportunities across different sectors. Combining its unique management knowledge and deep understanding of individuals, markets and economies, ECIKS advises foreign investors and private equity investors throughout the entire investment cycle, from company foundation, to credit advisory, site selection, incentive package identification, and after-care services.

    Brownfield Investment

    We carry out in-depth analysis of specific sectors or clusters on your behalf and provide an in-depth report with strategic and operational recommendations about capturing investment opportunities in existing capacities, technologies, companies and organizations across our target region.

    Investor Targeting

    Our Investor Targeting services are designed to help you attract and retain investment capital and know-how. After an initial analysis of existing documents, we sign a non-disclosure agreement, prepare a teaser, and define an initial target of potential investors. We have developed a database of over 5,000 companies, which is updated regularly. In a next step, we embark on a comprehensive review of existing documents, strategies, business plans, and feasibility studies (if existing). Based on the findings of such review, we create a short-list of potential investors to be targeted and start the targeting process.

    Assistance in Negotiations

    Once potential investors have been successfully identified and targeted, we support the negotiations process, in particular by scenario analysis, alternative development, concessions and tactic planning, “climate control” by utilizing our unique knowledge of cultural differences.

    Deal Structuring

    As management consultants we work with other professionals like attorneys and accountants in structuring the deal that brings the best overall value for our clients’ transaction.

    Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Our approach to mergers & acquisitions is simple, yet practical. We work closely with your company's leadership to understand your strategic business objectives, whether you are interested in buying or selling. Based on a clear understanding of your objectives and tempered with what we know to be current market conditions, we help you develop a realistic buyer/seller strategy designed to help you achieve your individual strategic objectives.

    Our services include both buyer and seller representation.

    Once your project has been up and running, we assign staff with clear responsibilities and duties to provide you with regular after care services.

  • Financial Advisory Services

    Project Financing

    Access to finance has be difficult and entrepreneurs and investors can face serious obstacles when seeking capital. Based on your needs, we offer independent advice on a range of areas relating to project financing for investment or borrowing for a new project, acquisition or venture. Our broad network of cooperators and our contact points in Prishtina, Vienna and Zurich enable access to buyers, financial institutions, equity investors, venture capitalists and a range of diverse capital providers. Our team provides you with strategic advice and specialized assistance in this area.

    Business Plan Review

    A solid business plan is the starting point for every successful business endeavor. It is an important internal decision making document but also a relevant primary source of information about the business model of the firm for investors, financing institutions, equity fund providers etc. Often, business plans lack relevant market information, financial analysis, scenario analysis, strategic analysis, process and organizational considerations, etc. Our professional team conducts a holistic review of your business plan, which in turn increases its acceptance, credibility and bankability.

    Business Valuation

    If you are planning purchase or sale of your business, secured financing or refinancing, our team of experts provides you with business valuation services. Typical illustrations include: market value of the firm, including goodwill; past performance and current performance of the company; factors that impact company’s current and future performance and market value, etc.

    Due Diligence

    We support our clients to assess the sustainability of their own businesses or of their targets, we look at the financial performance, the organizational structure, liabilities, the level of applied technology etc. Our Due Diligence services include Financial Due Diligence, Commercial Due Diligence, and Legal Due Diligence.

  • Human Capital

    Search and Selection

    We engage in assisting our clients to identify, evaluate and select technical, executive and senior professional personnel. We have a qualitative database of relevant candidates that we review regularly to ensure it is quality focused.

    - PR & Marketing skills
    - Cross-Cultural Awareness
    - Management Skills
    - Strategic Skills
    - Business Communication & Presentation Techniques
    - Financial Management Skills

    We organize training programs tailored to the specific needs of the clients. Following training areas are covered:


    Our specialist team of consultants can provide expert advice to help you recruit the right person for your company. Our service also includes advice on HR recruitment trends as well as information on expected salary rates within the HR sector.

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