World Bank lends 15 million dollars for agriculture in Kosovo

World Bank has approved a loan of 15 million dollars for the sector of agriculture in Kosovo. This project is composed of three components and aims to contribute to the competitiveness and development of the subsectors of animal farming and horticulture by implementing the measures in the Plan for Rural and Agricultural Development.

The first component consists of consulting agricultural operators, commercial enterprises, agro processors, and municipal councilors in order to plan the effective use of investments.

The second component will offer grants aiming to help economic growth and competition in the rural sector through the promotion of improved agricultural technologies and will support the expansion of capacities in the Managing Authority and Unit of Payments, which are responsible for subsidies by the Government and projects by other donors.

Finally, the third component consists of managing, coordinating and monitoring the appraisal of the project which foresees the creation of the Unit for the Implementation of the Project, also responsible for public relations.

The loan has been approved at 0% interest which matures after 20 years, whereas repayment starts after the first 10 years.

ECIKS / Koha