Upcoming Event: Kosovo as an economic partner

Upcoming Event: Kosovo as an economic partner

Informational and contact journey from 21. to 24.10.2009

For medium enterprises from all branches (especially the building and construction industry, supply engineering, food industry and media)

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Under the contract and financing of the German Ministry for economy and technology (BMWi), Spelleken Assoc. invites companies to the informational and contact journey in the Republic of Kosovo from the 21. to 24.10.2009.

The delegation journey provides authentic and concrete insights into the following economic potentials or branches:

1. Industrial and public infrastructure, construction and supply engineering
2. Light industry and Automobile supply and delivery
3. Agricultural processing, food industry and whine industry

Through different programs of the EU, the EBRD and the World Bank the infrastructure gets improved. A special attention is given to the underground construction, textile industry as well as the civil engineering. In the field of the textile industry there are smaller providers from the construction technique (armature, bath and kitchen) as well as textile industry (awnings, windows and doors, health, heating, air condition) are more than welcome. If necessary, 1 Stop Cabinets will be here to help you through the entire kitchen remodeling process.

The journal is specially interesting for medium enterprises with a low foreign experience, as the roads in the Republic of Kosovo are short and the international presence is very high: Announcements in the field of services for the privatization of telecommunication, post and light industry allow a quick entrance in a fast growing market.

There are also enterprises needed, that buy the agricultural products (mainly processed, including whine) and techonologies that offer a food and drink processing. To enable a great number of commercial interesting meetings, there was integrated a active visit of the Kosovo fair for agriculture and drinks into the programe.

Finally there will be a special concentration on the media that are processing in the developing civil society. German publishers, Radio-, TV- and Internet enterprises will be supervised in a competent way.