UNMIK: "Court decision not enforceable"

Prishtina, March 24, 2005 – The decision of Prishtina Municipal Court, requiring the Telecommunication Regularity Authority (TRA) to execute the agreement between Mobikos-Mobitel telephone company and the TRA is without legal basis, UNMIK officials said in a press conference yesterday.

“The SRSG, by an Executive Decision 2004/25 of 20 October 2004, cancelled the tender process for the second mobile phone operator that was carried out by the TRA. This decision was made after a lengthy process of dialogue with relevant members of the Government and the Chairman of the TRA. Through this process of dialogue, and according to the findings of an independent panel of experts established by the Auditor General, it became evident that the tender process for the second mobile operator had been seriously flawed,” said the spokesperson for UNMIK Neeraj Singh.

He said that action to cancel the process was necessary in the best interests of Kosovo and its economic development, in particular its ability to attract investment.

ECIKS / KosovaLive