Turkish businesses invited to invest in Kosovo

The Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj received a delegation of Turkish businessmen and informed them about the developments in the economy, Kosovo’s economic perspective and legal infrastructure.

“We have made progress on legislation that creates a good basis for foreign investments and Kosovo’s economic development“ said Minister Beqaj.

He also invited Turkish businessmen to focus not only in trade but also in the manufacturing, which will contribute positively to the country’s economy and stimulate the private sector.

The Minister informed the Turkish delegation that the Government has already drafted economic development priorities, which set clear guidelines in the field of economic development. “The Government aims to encourage foreign investors to invest in our country and one of the steps in this direction is the signing of intergovernmental agreements to eliminate double taxation.”

On the other hand, the delegation of Turkish businessmen expressed their interest to invest in Kosovo, mainly in energy, mining and construction.

/Telegrafi /