The Privatization of Kosovo’s Telecomm going as planned

The privatization of Post and Telecomm of Kosovo is going as planned, said the Ministry of Economic Development. “Hrvatski Telekom d.d., Croatia, head company Deutsche Telekom, Germany, and Telekom Austria AG, Austria were qualified for the purchase of 75% shares of PTK. The process of application appraisals was undertaken by a panel of professionals consisting of representatives from five ministries partaking in the Government Privatization Committee (GPC).”

Now GPC is in the process of preparing the necessary documentation to call for the tender. “The next step in this process is the call for proposals, respectively the technical offer, whereby the qualified investors receive relevant documentation and are shown the draft agreement for the purchase of shares with any potential limitations.”

“After this phase, when their offers are accepted, the companies are invited to make their final financial offer, which is the last criterion that determines the winning company,” was said in the official announcement for the media of Ministry for Economic Development. The privatization process of PTK is supposed to be completed within the year.

ECIKS / Zeri