Prishtina International Airport: 20% more passengers in 2008

Prishtina, KOSOVO – Officials of Prishtina International Airport (PIA) have reported a 20% increase of passengers for the first half of 2008.

After reaching a new record of 1.1 million passengers in 2007, PIA reports 20% more passengers and 13% more flights for the first half of 2008. Facing this increase, airport authorities have undertaken a series of investments in the airport. PIA has reported a profit of 7.7 million Euros for 2007 while, according to airport officials, this profit is expected to double in 2008.

Prishtina International Airport was the first airport in the region to offer direct flights to USA. Direct flights from PIA to JFK (New York) were first introduced in June 2007.

ECIKS / Telegrafi