"Made in Kosovo", from non-existent to frequent

Prishtina, 12 February 2007 – The World Bank Representative in Kosovo, Kanthan Shankar, answered the 10 Questions questionnaire about Kosovo and its economy for a Kosovar daily newspaper.

1. The most significant development in Kosovo’s economy since 1999?
“Made in Kosovo” labels from being non-existent to being seen more frequently in supermarkets – a small, but important indication that local private sector is taking hold.

2. The main obstacles hindering progress in the economy?
The pace of economic reforms, political risks related to status and lest we forget – energy.

3. You have ten million Euros. Where (in Kosovo) do you put your money?
Education – prepare the best of Kosovo’s youth to succeed in tomorrow’s increasingly globalized economy.

4. Kosovo, a land of coffee bars and gas stations. Why is there nothing in between?
That’s looking at the glass half empty – while the comment is true, it is equally true that over the last two years there has been a visible shift to productive sectors as seen by the number of industrial buildings springing up on side of the road from Pristina to Skopje.

5. European integration – Kosovo on the right track?
The train is on the right track and the station is visible in the distance – the question that will need to be answered is whether there is enough energy and commitment to reach the station.

6. Your most important achievement in your position?
Building an enduring partnership between the World Bank, and the Government and people of Kosovo.

7. A dinner with a man or a woman, dead or alive. Who gets your invitation?
Actually my wife – haven’t seen her for a while and also missed out on our 10 year anniversary – it’s time Kosovo is changed to a family duty station !

8. The book on your bedside table?
“How not to procrastinate” – still on my bedside table unopened!

9. Your favorite place in the world?
Many… though have two important criteria – must be in the midst of nature or places steeped in history – from Rugova valley (Kosovo) to Jerusalem!

10. Kosovo in one sentence?
Mahatma Gandhi once said “we must be the change we wish to see” – tomorrow’s Kosovo, which is dynamic, democratic and multiethnic, living in peace and prosperity as a member among equals in Europe.