KTA launches third wave of privatization tenders

Prishtina, 15 July 2004 – Today the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) officially launched a third wave of privatisation tenders of Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs). This is done on the basis of the rules of sale and operational policies prepared in compliance with the guidance received from United Nations Headquarters.

Following requests from the UN Headquarters in New York and also on the proposal of the Trade Unions of Kosovo there will be more special spin offs. The list of privatisation tenders for the third wave includes ten Socially Owned Companies (SOEs) for regular spin-off and three SOEs for a so-called special spin-off.

It was decided that next to Ferronikeli, also Banja e Kllokotit and Perparimi will be tendered according to the special spin off procedure. Privatisation according to a special spin off procedure will allow the KTA to negotiate to find the best buyer, both in terms of investment and social conditions which is in the interest of the workers concerned.

“I am happy that today we can officially announce a third wave of privatisation tenders. We are determined to continue the privatisation process in Kosovo at a steady pace and I am confident we will see the launch of a fourth wave this summer.” DSRSG for economic reconstruction and development, Nikolaus Graf Lambsdorff, said when he made the public announcement of the launch at a press conference today.