KTA Board decides to sell Ferronikeli to Alferon

Prishtina, July 8, 2005 – The KTA Board has decided in favour of the second bidder without a dissenting vote. Although the first bidder Adi Nikel offered a bid, €16 million higher than the second, the KTA Board members considered that it was not a valid consortium, writes Koha Ditore.

Koha Ditore quoted DSRSG Joachim Ruecker as saying “we have selected the second bidder because the first one does not have a valid consortium. This was a logical selection.”

“The selection committee met again and decided that the composition of the first bidder is not the same as at the time of bidding, hence the first bidder has been disqualified.”

Meanwhile, Express quoted Murat Meha, Director of Ferronikeli, as saying “I have no comment. I can’t say anything. The decision to give the tender to the second bidder will surely have a negative impact”.

Adi Nikel accused Government of extortion

Adi Nikel Spokesperson, Muhamet Jaku, said through a communiqué on Tuesday that Minister Bujar Dugolli asked €3 million as a condition to win the Ferronikeli tender during an opening ceremony of a factory in Tirana.

According to Jaku, €1 million were intended for Dugolli, €1 million for Prime Minister Kosumi and €1 million for the AAK political party.

Koha Ditore writes that the MTI Spokesperson Milaim Zeka called Adi Nikel offices on the phone and asked them to pay €3 million in cash or withdraw from the Ferronikeli tender and from Kosovo.

“This is just slander,” was the only comment by Minister Dugolli, writes Koha Ditore.