Kosovo's new power plant

Prishtina, 12 December 2007 – According to Kosovar media, the announcement of the winner for the tender of “Kosovo C” project has been postponed. This was decided on the 24th meeting of the Project Steering Committee held yesterday. The legal, transaction and environmental consultants have presented their reports. “The legal consultants report the need for amendments, whereas the environmental consultants submitted a first draft of the strategic environmental and social evaluation,” said Lorik Haxhiu, project coordinator. According to him, the final report is expected to be ready sometime at beginning of next month. “We hope that next year we will select the winner. When all the needed analyses are done, we will submit the tender documentation to the companies,” said Haxhiu.

David Loyd, chairman of the transaction consultants’ group said they have completed the work and made their recommendations. “The project is integrated; a plan will be requested from investors on how they are going to develop the mines,’ he said.

The tender on “Kosovo C”, issued by the Kosovar Government, foresees the building of the new coal power plant in Kosovo and requires investments of over 3 billion Euros. Some of the world’s leading companies in the energy sector are competing in the tender.