Kosovo: using the privatisation fund for infrastructure

Prishtina, 28 February 2007 – Media in Kosovo reported today on a meeting between Minister of Transport and Post Telecommunication Qemajl Ahmeti and Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Paul Acda.

Kosovar Minister requested to use the privatisation fund for constructing the Pristina – Durres highway and said that Acda in principle agreed with the proposal. However, the Ministry and the media have meanwhile been informed that Paul Acda had said that the money of the trust fund is needed for the workers lists and other claims and therefore there is no legal basis to use the money for the construction of the highway. He made clear that after the payment of any claims the surplus would be transferred to the Kosovo Budget and then it would be up to the Kosovo government to decide on what to do with that money.

Acda asked the Ministry to nominate their representatives at the Board of Directors of Kosovo’s largest public enterprises, such as Kosovo Telecom, Pristina International Airport and Kosovar Railways by April 2007.