Kosovo: UNMIK wants to keep monopoly for PTK

Prishtina, Dec 26, 2005 – By opposing reevaluation of the tender for the second mobile operator, UNMIK wants to keep the monopoly for the Post Telecommunications of Kosova (PTK), the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Board said.

“UNMIK has competences and can make decisions. However, the international expertise is simply a clarification for the institution of the Government in relation with the process and with the TRA,” the Head of TRA Board Anton Berisha told KosovaLive.

Unlike Government and TRA, UNMIK is in favor of announcing a new tender instead of reevaluating the current one. The Head of UNMIK Pillar IV, Joachim Ruecker told KosovaLive that “UNMIK has recommended a new tender and not reevaluation of the current one.“

ECIKS / KosovaLive