Kosovo Trust Agency Announced 9th Wave of Privatisation

Prishtinë, Sept 24, 2005 – The members of the KTA Board agreed yesterday to ask the KTA management to launch the 9th wave of Privatisation in the beginning of October. Exact bid dates will be announced following notification of the municipalities and SOE managers. The KTA Board also to decided to have only one round of bidding for the ordinary Spin-Off from the 9th wave of privatisation.

Addressing the press, the head of the KTA Board, DSRSG Joachim Ruecker said, “I am very happy that we could task the KTA management to launch the 9th wave of privatisation. We are staying on track. This is very important for Kosovo’s economy.” The Vice Chairman of the Board, Bujar Dugolli, said that the abolition of the second round of bidding will speed up the process considerably and reduce the risk of collusion.

Furthermore, the KTA management provided a detailed report on the progress of the Ferronikel transaction and the Board instructed the management to prepare the Sales Purchase Agreement for signature.

The Board confirmed as well a great number of pending privatisation transactions from previous rounds.

Mr Qemajl Ahmeti, Minister of Transport and Telecommunication, participated in the discussion on PTK’s report on progress concerning the strategic alliance.

Among other topics the PISG nominated members to the Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards of Publicly Owned Enterprises (POEs).

During the 8-½ hour meeting Paul Nelles was appointed by unanimous vote as Deputy Managing Director of the KTA POE division.