Kosovo: Tax revenues decrease in 2009 – Total budget revenues higher than planned

Kosovo Tax Administration (KTA) reported that it has collected 18 percent less income for the Kosovo Budget during 2009. According to the KTA, this has happened due to tax cuts and other reliefs for Kosovar businesses.

Officials said that KTA collected €206 millions for Kosovo’s budget in 2009 or 18 percent less than 2008 (€224 millions). However, the amount of budget revenues in total in 2009 is 2.5% higher than the Government plan.

The fiscal reform which entered into force in the beginning of 2009 in Kosovo has cut profit taxes from 20% to 10%, has decreased taxes on wages and has provided additional relief for new businesses and startups in Kosovo.

KTA Director, Behxhet Haliti, said that majority of revenues are collected from the value added tax. He said that KTA has so far allocated 36.000 fiscal numbers for companies. According to him, this year the KTA plans to review its strategic plans for 2010-2014, to implement the project for electronic tax declaration and to provide businesses with fiscal cash registers.

KTA is a very important institution for collections of taxes in Kosovo. Except by the KTA, incomes for the Kosovo budget are also collected by customs and municipalities. The Kosovo budget for 2010 is around 1.5 billion Euros.