Kosovo Serbs are privileged, not discriminated

Prishtinë, Februar 6, 2006 – Kosovo’s Minister of Energy and Mining Ethem Ceku and the Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Joachim Ruecker said on Friday that the accusations of Belgrade authorities that KEK is applying discriminatory policies against Kosovo Serbs are “empty and ungrounded”.

“Declarations of Serb officials are absolutely ungrounded. If there are any privileged consumers, then those are Serb consumers, who most of the time enjoy electricity 24 hours 24/7, despite the fact that they do not pay for electricity at all,” Ceku said.

The Serb President and Prime Minister, Boris Tadic and Vojislav Kostunica addressed a letter to the UN Secretary General, asking him to help in resolving the issue of supplying the Serb inhabited areas with electricity from Belgrade.

The Belgrade officials have offered on Thursday the Head of Pillar IV of UNMIK, Joachim Ruecker yesterday a certain amount of electricity to supply Serb inhabited areas in Kosovo. But this was refused by Rucker and Minister Ceku, saying that KEK is the only legal provider of electricity in Kosovo.

Kosovar authorities have accused Serbia of making obstructions to Kosovo, by not allowing import of electricity for Kosovo through its transmission. In this context, Ruecker has strongly urged Belgrade to cooperate with its transmission system and to be compliant with letter and spirit of the Athens Energy Community Treaty.

ECIKS / KosovaLive