Kosovo seeks participation in Vienna’s economic forum

Deputy prime minister of Kosovo and minister of Trade and Industry (MTI), Mimoza Kusari-Lila, met on Thursday with the president of Vienna Economic Forum, Dr. Erhard Busek, the ambassador of Austria in Kosovo, Johan Brieger, and the president of the Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS), Kujtim Dobruna.

Kosovo’s participation in Vienna Economic Forum, which will be held on November this year, was the main topic of the meeting. Kusari-Lila said that the government and the ministry that she leads are interested in the participation of Kosovo in the forum because it offers a great opportunity to attract foreign direct investments in Kosovo as well as to promote domestic business to foreigners.

The minister presented the reforms being undertaken by MTI for the transformation of Kosovo into a country which attracts investors and businesses. Erhard Busek emphasized the importance of listing the priorities for investments in Kosovo during the participation in this forum.

Vienna Economic Forum aims to promote foreign direct investments in the region of Balkans and further.

ECIKS / Koha