Kosovo: Russians taking part in race for new power plant

Prishtine, 28 November 2006 – The Russian company, En+ will bid in the tender for the construction of the new power plant in Kosovo, the Russian news agency Interfax reports.

The Moscow-based newspaper Komersant reported last week that during his visit to Moscow from 30 November to 2nd December, Prime Minister Agim Ceku would also discuss the economy of Kosovo.

Also Dnevnik newspaper reports that the Russian Rusal Company is interested in investing in the construction of the new power plant in Kosovo.

Kosovo budget to finance opening of Sibovc mine

Meanwhile the Government of Kosovo decided that €17.5 million of the Budget 2007 will be allocated to the project on opening the Sibovc mine, the construction of Kosovo C power plant and the rehabilitation of Kosovo A. €3 million of this money will be used for the opening of the Sibovc mine.

“The new mine will be opened with funds from the Government, while the power plant will be constructed with private investments,” said Lorik Haxhiu, Director of the MEM Department of Mines and Minerals.

Agron Dida, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining, said the Sibovc mine would be administered by a state-owned company “which will sell the coal to the power plants according to MEM’s strategy.”