Kosovo Railways Opens Shuttle Service

Prishtinë, Feb 20, 2006 – Kosovo Railways will open on Monday, 20 February, a train shuttle service between Kaçanik and Hani i Elezit to facilitate movement between the two towns, who are strongly affected by the landslide. The train will operate on an hourly basis between early morning and late evening. A ticket costs 50 Cents.Kosovo Railways Director Poul Rich encourages everybody to use the new service. He said: “We are here to help the people in the current situation, when the road is blocked. The shuttle service provides an attractive opportunity for the citizens.”

We hope that this shuttle service leads to people using the train instead of walking on the rails.” The Head of the Municipality Kaçanik said:”This is a very welcomed initiative of Kosovo Railways, especially because the train will help Kaçaniks economy recover from the losses the landslide has caused. The landslide has also divided Kaçanik in two parts that couldn’t communicate. The use of the alternative emergency road depended on the weather conditions. But I want to urge all citizens to be very careful and vigilant because a part of the railway track has no barriers!”

The train will start operating in Kaçanik at 5:21 in the morning, the last train will return from Hani i Elezit at 20:44. Between 7:50 and 19:25, the train circulates every hour between the two towns. Since the landslide on 15 January and the following blockade of the Prishtina-Skopje highway, especially the inhabitants of Hani i Elezit face huge difficulties travelling towards Prishtina.