Kosovo Railways expected to be fully Kosovarized in six months

Prishtinë, Jan 8, 2006 – There will be a vacancy announcement for the Managing Director of the Kosovo Railways within this month; by the end of the first half of 2006 the Railways will be totally Kosovarized. Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) officials say that the Railways are already Kosovar, since all the staff is local, apart from the Managing Director, who will be selected by competition.

Ilir Salihu, Director for POE-s at the KTA, said that the Kosovo Budget has allocated €3 million to the Railways for 2006. “Since the Railways are not able to generate income for capital investments, the Kosovo Budget has allocated €3 million. The operational costs will be covered by the Railways itself.”

According to Shefki Ukaj, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport and Post-Telecommunications, the change of the Railways name is part of the incorporation of the public enterprise. “Soon the Railways shall be managed by locals, with a full transfer of powers from internationals to locals. The Ministry of Transport expects the Post-Telecommunications of Kosovo and the Prishtina Airport to transfer to locals this year,” said Ukaj.