Kosovo Prime Minister meets with Kosovo Businessmen

Prishtinë, 25 July 2007 (ECIKS) – The Prime Minister’s Office will soon meet with the Office for Business Counselling (OBC) to get advice related to business development in Kosovo.

The OBC is a group of Kosovo businessmen that has been formed by an initiative of the Stability Pact. The businessmen will advise the Prime Minister on the problems of the businesses, on attracting foreign investments, approving a modern legislation for the businesses, on transparent standards, corruption and creating a better environment for businesses in Kosovo.

The lobbying for the group is going to be made by former US Ambassador in Bosnia, Victor Jackovich, who is currently working for the Stability Pact. “You should look at the experience of the countries in the region. To attract foreign investors, the legislation should be enforced, the infrastructure improved and corruption and organized crime has to be seriously fought. No investor will come to a country that is facing such problems. Kosovo’s greatest potential is the Energy and Mineral resources,” said Jackovich.