Kosovo pioneers wind energy in the Balkans

Altough Kosovo has enormous natural sources of coal, enough to become an energy power in the Balkans, the new state aims to become a pioneer of wind energy as well.

The Kosovar-German company for renewable energy Wind Power has began assembling wind turbines for producing electricity by wind in the Mount of Golesh.

Nearby the workplace, on a board, writes that the project has started on October 27 last year, however, installations have not begun yet. Staff management at the company does not allow the work to be viewed on too closely.

From outside, there are three wind energy turbines being installed. It’s not yet known how much MWh these wind energy turibines produce when they become fully operational.

Company officials of the Wind Power did not give any other details regarding the installation. “There is nothing to show, the wind turbines are being installed,” said the officials for Kosovo’s daily Koha Ditore.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Republic of Kosovo has approved the plan of the investor to set a wind turbine farm with a total capacity of 3.5 Megawatts.

By 2010, the ministry envisions 32.56 Megawatt Hours of wind power to be consumed per year, increasing to 309 MWh by 2016.

Source: NKR