Kosovo-Macedonia: agreement on pensions

Macedonia and Kosovo will soon sign an agreement for the arrangement of the pension and social rights. This was announced in a meeting between the Minister of Labor and Social Politics of Macedonia, Xhelal Bajrami, and his homologue in Kosovo, Nenad Rashiq.

Through this agreement, citizens of Macedonia who have worked in Kosovo and those of Kosovo who have worked in Macedonia decades ago will gain the right of pension.

According to the statistics between the two countries, around 2,000 citizens of Macedonia have worked in Kosovo in the past and around 800 citizens of Kosovo have worked in Macedonia but they couldn’t claim their pension for years.

Ministers Bajrami and Rashiq said that the agreement is expected to be signed on April 27th in Prishtina. The lack of agreement so far was a result of the absence of a law for social insurance and pension in Kosovo.

“I hope now that the texts for social insurance and pension between the two countries will be harmonized and that they will serve as a temporary agreement between Kosovo and Macedonia,” said minister Bajrami. The law on social insurance and pensions is expected to be approved in June in the Parliament of Kosovo.

ECIKS / Zeri