Kosovo invites Greek companies to invest

Prishtina, KOSOVO – Representatives of over 50 Greek companies have visited Kosovo in an event organised by the Kosovar Chamber of Commerce and the Greek Office in Prishtina.

Strengthening the economic cooperation between two countries, Greek investments in Kosovo and the role of the governments in enabling business cooperation were some of the topics discussed in the event.

Kosovo and Greek Government representatives, including the Prime Minister Hashim Thaqi and other Government Ministers, the Head of Greek Office in Kosovo and the President of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce addressed the event and encouraged Greek and Kosovar companies to strengthen their cooperation.

Representatives of both countries have called upon Greek companies to invest in Kosovo. Even though Greece has not yet recognized the independence of Kosovo, it has recognised its passports and other documents, enabling this way the business between two countries. Over 50 representatives of Greek companies have showed great interest in doing business and investing in Kosovo.