Kosovo: Hackers attack mobile phones

Prishtinë, Sept 13, 2005 – Your phone rings, you receive the call, thinking that a friend is calling you. But you do not recognize the voice. The person presents himself softly as a “Vala 900” employee. He speaks about some technical problems and requires from you to give him your data. You give him your data and put the phone in the pocket thinking that everything is ok. But you are wrong.

A few moments later you will realize that you cannot make phone calls because your number has been blocked and your credit was stolen. Nothing functions.

If you go through such an experience, you are just another victim of hackers against the Vala 900 customers. Hackers have been attacking Vala 900 customers with viruses as of the beginning of the week.

PTK sources confirmed hackers’ attacks. They said that they received information about these attacks during the last two days and that they have started investigating where these phone calls come from.

PTK senior officials told the newspaper that attacks do not come from Kosovo’s territory, although the person calling speaks Albanian. According to them, the conversation was recorded so you do not speak directly.

The PTK has not made public the virus’ attacks against its customers. PTK sources said that they plan to inform the customers about this on Monday.

ECIKS / Express