Kosovo: German Government donates to energy and mines sector

Prishtinë, Dec 19, 2005 – The German government shall invest €18 million in the energy and mining sector in Kosovo, through the KfW, the German Bank for Reconstruction. This money is foreseen to be invested in a power station in Peja and for repairing of excavator at Sibovc mine. Burkhard Markgraf, project manager at the central office of KfW in Germany, presented these projects in a meeting with the Minister of Energy and Mining, Ethem Ceku.

“The main barriers for private investments in Kosovo are problems that KEK is facing. It is very important to develop KEK and make it self-sustainable,” said Margraf.

“Reparation of excavator in Sibovc for digging coal is very important. Also, building of a new power plant in Kosovo is of particular interest,” Margraf said.

Germany is one of EU’s largest donors to Kosova. Since 1999, Germany has helped Kosova with €150 million.