Kosovo: € 25 million more from customs

Prishtina, 22 january 2007 – Last year UNMIK Customs Service has collected €25 million more than foreseen by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Adriatik Stavileci, Spokesperson for Customs, said Customs collect about 70% of the Kosovo Consolidated Budget (KCB). “In the beginning of 2006 MEF foresaw that Customs should collect €425.4 million, while Customs collected €450 million,” said Stavileci.

Stavileci also said that in 2006 Customs was extremely committed to fighting smuggling. “More than 1,000 fines for customs violations were issued, totaling at about half a million Euros,” said Stavileci, adding that the amount of the confiscated goods is about €600,000.