Kosovo cuts corporate tax to 10%

Prishtina, KOSOVO – The Government of Kosovo has approved a package of tax cuts which will be valid starting from 1 January 2009. From the point of view of potential foreign investors, the most important part of this package is the reducing of corporate tax to a flat-rate of 10%.

The government has also reduced the income and salary taxes to 0 – 10 %. It is expected that these tax-cuts, in particular the reducing of corporate tax, will further improve investment climate in Kosovo.

Ahmet Shala, Kosovo’s Finance Minister, said the tax reform aims to ensure Kosovo’s economic development and that it will create a better environment for foreign direct investment.

According to the draft of the reform strategy, salary taxes will decrease.

Monthly salaries from € 80-250 will be taxed four percent, € 250-400 – eight percent while salaries over € 450 will be taxed ten percent.

With this package of measures, the Government of Kosovo intends to boost the economic growth and support the private sector.