Kosovo Budget in 2008: €1 billion

Prishtinë, Jan 8, 2006 – There is no indication for rise of budget in the next three years. According to Agim Krasniqi, Head of Budget Department in MEF, the budget income in 2008 could reach the amount of €1 billion, provided that the financial means from outside Kosovo get activated.

“A positive privatization process would have an impact on the economic structure and the budget structure accordingly,” said Krasniqi. He implied in this context the privatization fund and the Pension Trust Savings.

Minister of Economy and Finance Haki Shatri grounds the prospect for budget improvement in the next years on the income collection from profitable companies, as well as on the operation of mines.

A relevant factor for an increase of budget according to Behxhet Haliti, Advisor to ex-Prime Minister Bajram Rexhepi, is the higher responsibility of Tax Administration and UNMIK Customs.