Kosovo: British Telecom becomes PTK strategic partner

Prishtinë, Oct 8, 2005 – Post Telecom of Kosovo and British Telecom signed on Tuesday an agreement on strategic alliance.

The agreement implies the identification of necessary points for investments in the Post Telecom of Kosovo within three months. This is the first strategic alliance between Post Telecom of Kosovo and an international company.

The agreement with British Telecom will help the Post Telecom of Kosovo development towards its international recognition. The signatories of this agreement, the PTK General Director, Gavin Jeffrey, and the representative of the British Telecom, Colin Anderson, said that it would contribute to bringing the PTK closer to its clients.

“Over the next three months we will work together in joint working groups to compile a plan on PTK’s future strategy. The PTK strategy is to increase and develop the number of the service we offer,” said Jeffrey.

The British Telecom representative said that all the achievements and developments in this company would help the promotion of PTK in the region. “The point is to help the development and promotion of PTK and to enable PTK to use all our technological and financial resources,” said Anderson.

With signing this agreement, the British Telecom, which was declared for five consecutive years as the best company in the world, becomes strategic partner of PTK.

Post Telecom of Kosovo benefit from this alliance is a convergence into the telecommunication system, the presentation of new products today and in the future, and the change from a monopolistic company into a company directed by customers.