Kosovo: British Airways pays no cent on Saturdays

Prishtinë, Oct 14, 2005 – While led by former director Ioan Woollett, the Prishtina Airport favored the British airline British Airways by providing it with free slots. UNMIK Pillar IV also confirmed this news.

“The Airport management has a task in making all business decisions necessary to ensure that the Airport maximized its revenue generation,” said Bjorn Hauksson, the director of the Prishtina Airport.

“As such the Airport Management was in the early part of 2005 looking to look for opportunities with regards to increase capacity on underutilized flight routes with no competition.”

This benefit was offered only to this British company, which has three flights a week. Albijon Idrizi, British Airways representative in Kosovo made no comment on this issue.

Prishtina Airport loses up to €3,000 from a free landing of the British Airways on Saturday at the Prishtina Airport. Taking into consideration that this agreement has been applied since the beginning of this year, as confirmed by UNMIK Pillar IV, the Airport has approximately lost about €100,000.

The UNMIK Pillar IV did not answer on how many free of charge flights has this airline had and how does it affect the Prishtina Airport budget.

“The new Airport management has in connection with the ongoing development of Pristina International Airport, requested the International Civil Aviation Organization to assist with international expertise with a view to review the fee structure within Pristina International Airport,” said Hauksson. “Based on this review, Pristina International Airport hopes to be able to present a new policy on its future structure of Airline charges early next years.”